Thursday, January 26, 2017

Willy the Rescued Rottweiler

My name is Willy, I was raised on Treasure Island. This is where i learned to fish and dig in the sand, life was really good. My dad and I moved to Ohio and we fell on bad times. We lived in motels and he ended up in jail the summer of 2008. While he was in jail I was tied up outside for a month, I got really sick and prayed my dad would come back.He did come back, we were in a car accident and he went back to jail and so did I. I had been told I was diabetic and needed pokes to make me better. Now my bones hurt too from the accident. I was in jail then I ended up in a hospital. No one knew much about me except that I need pokes. I had lost everything. I could here peoples making telephone calls about me. Heard there might be a family that would take me.
Went for a ride and stayed at a place that had lots more guys like me. Then a lady picked me up and took me for another ride. I like riding, but was it ever going to end? I just kept praying for an angel to watch over me, then i met my new mom. We spent the night someplace that had tons of pillows. I was sick all night and kept having to go out. My mom was worried. I went to another hospital and they wished my mom luck. I needed to gain at least 25lbs.
Then another ride, except this was a little different. I was in the sky looking down at the cars, water, and boats. This is when life became good again. The next stop had a huge water bowl in the front yard and lots of sand, almost like home. My new dad took me for a boat ride just like old times. My new sister was not bad looking either. Neither was my human sister she can drive and takes me for rides. The old guy, well I was told I had to be careful of him. They needed me here you should have seen their yard before I came, I am an experienced landscaper. My mom is not real pleased when I help water her flowers, if I go in the pots it doesn't make a mess right?.

It's tought to sleep here. There are coyotes and loons up all night that I like to talk with. Finally, TV again and  a decend bed. They limit how much I watch. My dad does not realize how lucky he is that I take him fishing. I can catch the lures and lick the fish clean for him.

My new uncle Jim, who figured out I like to play nose ball.

Somedays I dont feel good and dont want to eat, my dad will cook for me, my mom sits with me on the floor.

Life got better, I tried to tell them about my old life, but we just don't communicate the same. Did you check out my physique? gained the 25lbs. My prayers were answered and there were lots of angles watching over me.


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