Thursday, September 15, 2016

Top 8 Most intelligent Dog Breeds in the World

Dog intelligence comes in various forms. all dogs are intelligent but these breeds below are known as the most intelligent dogs of the world.

8.Australian Cattle dog.-  is an extremely intelligent,  hard working, active, and sturdy dog breed. They like doing a job like obedience or herding.
        Australian Cattle dog intelligene
7.Rottweiler.- is known for they bravery, smart and independent characte,  Rottweilers are very intelligent and  highly trainable if you're firm and consistent.
             Rottweiler intelligene
6.Doberman Pinscher.- known for their stamina and speed. Doberman is among the smartest of all dog breeds, they are highly active and easily trained. That intelligence comes at a price to their human friends.
     Doberman Pinscher intelligence
5.Labrador Retriever.- Most popular dog breed in the US 23 years in a row, They are a good choice for big families as they are friendly and go very well with children.

   Labrador intelligence
4.Golden Retriever.- are very easy to train, they are full of love for others and they adapt in any living condition. Golden Retriever make wonderful family dogs that love to play and are extremely loyal.
    Golden Retriever intelligence
3.German Shepherd.- The world's leading police and military dog, is able to learn new things in record time. He must be kept busy learning, playing, and working.
   German Shepherd intelligence
2.Poodle.- were originally bred in Germany for bird hunting, they are nice swimmers and can even save a drowning man if necessary.
   Poodle intelligence
1.Border Collie.-  are considered the smartest dog breed in the world. They are very active as a breed and also quick learners during their training.
Border Collie intelligence