Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reasons Why You Should Get A Dog !

1.A dog will keep you happy, healthy, and help you lose some weight with walking, walking provides us with unlimited health benefits, such as reducing stress,lower blood pressure, and many more health benefits.Remember dogs need to take walks every day.
2. A Dog will help us to make new friends, they provide structure and meaning to their life by helping them to socialize.That is how, dogs act as a bridge to establish contact with peoples. 
3.A dog will make you laugh,  They always do and funny things that will make you smile, even when you are troubled it is in their nature  to make people happy, as it makes them happy.Funny Rottweiler
4.A dog will protect you, Dogs are the best guards.They can smell danger from far distances and they will do anything to protect us from it.
Beware Rottweiler
5.A dog will be your loyal friend,Loyalty of dogs never ends.Once they start loving you, they will always remain loyal to you whether it is any situation.