Friday, January 1, 2016

Firefighters Rescue a Dog that Had Been Stuck On the Roof of a House !!

Firefighters Rescue a Dog
The Firefighters in Ohio, US came to rescue a dog that neighbors say had been stuck on a roof for more three days. 

The dog was a Rottweiler and dozens of people watched as the firefighters brought the Rottweiler to safety.

It took more than an hour to rescue the dog that had escaped from a hole in the roof of the house and was kept staying on the roof for three days with no food to eat. The Rottweiler puppy named Isis was terrified and really hungry when the firefighters helped her, as soon as the hungry dog was safely brought on the ground, she was offered French fries to eat, which she ate imediatelly after spending 3 days with nothing to eat and no water to drink.

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  1. Firefighters always were the REAL heroes. They even came when I called them to save a kitty out of a tree in my local park. They're my heroes. I just hope they fed the poor pup more than just French fries. Puppies especially need to eat more. Oh that poor puppy, imagine no food and water for 3 days? How would u feel, or your child? Ughhh I hate ppl. Whoever did this to her should be at least prosecuted and WTF is wrong with the idiot neighbors? How did they not see her there or hear her barking cries? Ppl are Ignorant fuckers.