Friday, December 4, 2015

8 Things only Rottweiler owners understand !

Rottweilers are considered dogs with a bad reputation but Rottweiler owners know that is now true at all. Here are some things about Rottweiler that only owners and biggest rottie lovers know.

1. Most of Rottweilers have a propensity to pass gas...
2. They get along really well with other pets in the house, if socialised well.
3. You can trust your dog with babies and other children
4. Despite having a short coat, they SHED A LOT, especially in spring and fall.
5. Rottweilers need a lot of excerises because they gain weight so easly.
6.They are happy when they have a work to do, when bored they can chew your furniture
7. Rottweilers  may have a bad reputation of being aggresive, but they are actually extremely gentle.
8. Maturity - They mature really slowly, some don't reach adulhood until the age of 3.


  1. My rottie is almost 6 and still isn`t mature enough :))

  2. Mines 8 weeks old and I have a LONG ROAD ahead of me lol wouldn't trade it for the world tho

    1. Wow.....a long long way

    2. Mine just turned 9 weeks! She gained 2 lbs in 1 week. She was nibbling my feet and ankles for the first week and todayb she stopped when I said No. She's a sweetie!

  3. Mine is 7 months and is a handful. Energetic and still scared of the sound of engines!

  4. Mine is 7yrs. Huge....130lbs. Biggest pup in litter.Still wants me to hold him in my lap. I can't go to the bathroom
    But I love him...bunches.

  5. Mine is 3 and she's a smart and stubborn girl - so the trainers told us, uses all of her 47kgs to!

  6. Mine is an adorable girl of 7 and still hasn't matured lol ! Still a big baby that loves messing about ! Adore her to bits xx

  7. Mine is 4 years old and he is a rescue from a junk yard. Took some work but he is the best family dog I have ever had.

  8. my boy is 11 wks, i get him tomorrow. I'm excited for our adventure