Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Is 'The Red Rottweiler' a pure rottweiler?

 'Red Rottweiler'

big real Red Rottweiler
First of all, If you have a Red Rottie and want to use it in a breeding program, you should know that there are no Rottweiler clubs that recognize Red as an acceptable colour in their standards and it is unlikely you will be able to register the litter.

"Red Rottweiler", are supposed to be Rottweilers who have a mutation that affects the black pigmentation of the coat and skin. It is a recessive gene, which when expressed, gives the appearance of a light brown or auburn base coat color with light auburn markings... It's a question on whether these are pure Rottweilers or could very well be Rottie crosses.

According to ARC (The American Rottweiler Club), a base color other than black is not acceptable and “Red Rottweilers” SHOULD NOT BE BRED. A 'RED' Rottweiler is either the result of heavy inbreeding, or a mix that someone is trying to pass off as pure.

Anyone who is selling 'Rare' Red Rottweilers should be avoided.

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