Sunday, September 6, 2015

The breed standard on the Rottweiler color !!

The breed standard on the Rottweiler color: 

'Always black with rust to mahogany markings. The demarcation between black and rust must be clearly defined. 

The markings should be located as follows: 
- a spot over each eye; 
- on cheeks; 
- as a strip around each side of muzzle, but not on the bridge of the nose; 
- on throat; 
- triangular mark on both sides of prosternum;
- on forelegs from carpus downward to the toes; 

- on inside of rear legs showing down the front of the stifle and broadening out to front of rear legs from hock to toes, but not completely eliminating black from rear of pasterns; un-der tail; & black penciling on toes. 

The undercoat is gray, tan, or black. Quantity and location of rust markings is very important and should not exceed ten percent of the dogs body color. 

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