Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Big Rottie named 'Blondie'

Blondie the 150lb Rottweiler
This dog Blondie is a really big Rottweiler who is as pleasant as can be.
Fantastic Dog, one of the biggest Rottweilers we've ever seen and it looks amazing, he is big and tall not short and overweight.


It is a really friendly dog too, the video of this amazing dog in youtube has reached more than 700.000 views.

How much does your Rottweiler weight, comment below...


  1. Our girl Maggie was 132 lbs ,alliance and love .

  2. Hey guys check out my 8 week Rottweiler :)

  3. 130 and still growing...just turned 2 and he has grown like an inch last month. I am waiting for him to start drinking from the faucet like a Great Dane, I know.

  4. I had 2 back in 97-2001 Draco was last weighed about 3 months before moving back to KY and he weighed 258 and kojack last weighed 246. The vet in Lebanon, TN said he’d never seen male rottys get that big. They were not fat either pure muscle.