Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rottweiler Bruno helped to save diabetic girl's life

Diabetic Devan Crawford, seven, was on the verge of a hypo – a seizure caused by low blood sugar – when Bruno sensed that she was in trouble.

He alerted Devan’s mum Karen by licking the little girl and sitting by her until she realised what was happening. Mum-of-two Karen yesterday hailed the three-year-old rottweiler a “lifesav

She said: “Devan is a type one diabetic and has to inject insulin twice a day.Bruno is very protective of her. He saved her life because he sensed she was about to hypo. She had just been released from hospital and had been really ill."
“She was lying on the couch and Bruno was all over her, watching her and pacing up and down and sitting by her side. He started licking her and managed to get my attention to go over and check on her.It is quite amazing he can sense things that humans cannot. It is thanks to Bruno that we got to her on time.”

Karen, 30, from Glenrothes, Fife, spoke out to highlight the gentler side of rottweilers as controversy rages over the breeding of a new “superdog” in Scotland.
The presweiler is a cross between a rottweiler and a rare Presa Canario. Its breeders came under attack from watchdogs and charities.
But Karen, who has had pure-bred Bruno since he was a pup and who owns four-year-old bulldog Bliss, said: “I think it is wonderful what they have done.They have created a beautiful breed of dog and there is no reason why they can’t get it recognised as a proper breed."

“I would take one in a shot if I didn’t already have two dogs. They will be amazing dogs and as long as they are treated right by their owners, they will make fantastic loving pets for any family.”
Karen also revealed her mum had at first been furious when she decided to get a rottweiler, saying she did not want one near her grandchildren.
She added: “That was three years ago and now they are best pals. She thinks the world of Bruno and her opinion of rottweilers has totally changed.
“I think it is totally unfair that rottweilers and Presas are branded devil dogs when it’s the owners to blame for their behaviour. You could say that about any dog who is mistreated and becomes aggressive.”


  1. my rottie did this same thing for my father 3 different time fir his blood sugar. my rottie us a hero to